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Mix M8 is the most technologically advanced mixing tool on todays market, out mixing any competitor on speed & performance.


Cost Effective

Mix-M8 has many cost saving benefits for any business or person needing to mix plaster or mortar.

Reduces time by 80% No need for power at mixing site Reduces mix waste through edge to edge mixing Buckets no longer damaged by metal blade/vane mixers Lifetime of tool significantly longer than standard mixers.

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Working with Colleges

Let's do business!
Mix-M8 is passionate about construction, working closely with colleges and training bodies.

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Professional mixing tool

Mix-M8 is capable of mixing up to 40kg of plaster or other mortar compound including with aggregates even with a cordless drill (18v).

The patented mixing system effortlessly cuts through the substrates in seconds creating a smooth mix which any skilled tradesman would be proud of. This is achieved without the need of heavy and costly transformers.

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