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Independent Product Review

Written independently by David Winchester, an author on many books on plastering and a lecturer on plastering at colleges.

Product review for the mixm8
“We are most technologically advanced concrete & plaster mixer on today’s market”, is a very big statement for anyone to claim, but according to their web site, this is their claim.

Oh are you I thought, well this deserves a test…

Appearance and design
My first thought of the mixm8 was, well it looks great and very well made, sturdy not flimsy. There is not much chance of damaging any of the mixing paddles, which happens all too often with the conventional mixing paddles. The appearance is pleasing to the eye and I like choice of colours black hex bar, and green plastic mixer

Ease of attachment to the drill
The mixm8 comes in two sizes the 10 mm suitable for the 18 v cordless drill, and the 14.mm suitable for the suitable for 2 handed mixer for the professional market. Both are easy to attach to the drills

Quality of the mix
So it looks good, is available in two sizes but can it mix plaster, well I must admit it lived up to the challenge by cutting effortlessly through the plaster, and producing a  speedy creamy mix, another plus point is that whilst mixing it brings the surplus plaster from around the bucket into the mix.

Easy to clean
The cleaning was effortless because it is made of plastic the plastic does not stick to the mixer, and just drops off, leaving it as clean as when you first purchased it.

So for the cost £30 for the 10 mm and £35 for the 14 mm along with the 12 month  guarantee it is very cost effective.


Appearance and design      5*****
Ease of attachment to the drill    5*****
Quality of the mix  5*****
Easy to clean 5*****
Cost  5*****