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The Spec


The Mix-M8 Specification

  • Pro rubber blade mixing paddles
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Capable of mixing up to 40kg of plaster or other mortar compound
  • No power, no problem…Mix-M8 even with a cordless drill (18v)
  • Reduces mixing time significantly & cleans easily
  • Buckets no longer damaged be metal blade/vane mixers
  • Lifetime of tool significantly longer than standard mixers
  • Edge to edge mixing (no need to stop and stir)
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Cost Effective

Mix-M8 is a revolutionary mixing tool that has many cost saving benefits for any business or person needing to mix plaster or mortar.

Superior Mixing

The patented mixing system effortlessly cuts through the substrates in seconds creating a super smooth mix.

Technologically Advanced

Mix-M8 is capable of mixing up to 40kg of plaster or other mortar compound including with aggregates even with a cordless drill (18v).


The 10mm shaft version of the Mix-M8 mixing paddle is used with a cordless drill so no need for power on site when mixing!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee a faster mix, less effort and smoother final mix. We guarantee you’ll wonder how you ever managed without Mix-M8!

Endless benefits

Long life & easy clean, edge to edge mixing (no need to stop & stir), no bucket damage, less strenuous – no more chasing your mixer round the bucket!

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